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Kim Rioux

Kim Rioux graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with a Psychology concentration. Kim worked in the mental health field for approximately 2 years following college and knew that she would return with new aspirations. 


In 2020, Kim completed her 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher training and became a registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher in the Yoga Alliance. Along this journey, she discovered a new way that she wanted to approach life. After heading home from the month-long intensive, she explored the sister science to yoga - Ayurveda. Soon, Kim found herself immersed in a year-long intensive program to complete her 615-hour Ayurveda Health Counselor training.


Kim has aspirations to become a yoga therapist but has found a spot to call home for now. Kim's passion is to connect with individuals to hear about their unique needs. With yoga and Ayurveda, Kim is diligent in asking her yogis and clients How do you feel? What do you need? This becomes the essential question to notice how one might be off balance. Yoga and Ayurveda teaches us that it is essential to develop the relationship to Self to strengthen your inner wisdom. Connecting with your mind, body, soul and senses brings a reawakening that will allow you to feel aligned with your most authentic self so that you can improve your overall wellbeing, accomplish your goals and reach your full potential. 


On top of teaching yoga classes, Kim is offering 1:1 Ayurvedic consultations, educational workshops and community circles so that everyone has the opportunity to discover who they really are in a sacred space. Kim will also be working closely with the youth population to promote embodiment, empowerment and wholesome living. 

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200-Hour Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher from Kripalu School of Yoga

Ayurveda Health Counselor from Boston Ayurveda School

Youth Advocate


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