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Sara-Jane Gage

Sara-Jane is the owner and founder of Engaged Dogs; Walking + Training. With a background in psychology, behaviorism, and education, Sara-Jane is a teacher at heart, working with humans in variety of behavioral health settings prior to training dogs. Sara-Jane prides herself on recognizing and reinforcing the strengths of each pup and their pawrent(s) and utilizes a variety of positive reinforcement techniques to empower and train the dogs that she works with. Sara-Jane identifies herself as an eternal learner, optimist, and adventurer.


In addition to owning and running Engaged Dogs; Walking + Training, Sara-Jane is the founder and CEO of Engage Fitness, D.C. in which she and her husband and co-founder, Steve Gage, offer fitness and wellness services to their human clients. Sara-Jane is an experienced yogi, personal trainer, mental health therapist, teacher, speaker, and wellness coach and enjoys the freedom to meet individuals exactly where they are in their wellness journey and empower them to be their happiest and healthiest selves.

Credentials: MA200KYT


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