Animals and Homeopathy?

Finding Inspiration in Every Animal

I am a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH), educator and part time farm manager with a passion for sharing the benefits of Homeopathy for animals.  I look forward to the opportunity to educate you on the benefits of using Homeopathy for your animal's daily care to minimize chemicals, address physical, emotional and behavioral complaints, while strengthening their overall health and wellness! I offer individual educational sessions-assessments for one animal or also for those (barn, sanctuary, farm, rescue) interested in learning and implementing homeopathy at a larger scale for daily health, preventative and non-emergency care.


How it Works

Homeopathic solutions are made from plants, minerals and natural resources. They are inexpensive and available for purchase at the majority of health food stores or online.  The holistic nature of Homeopathy means each animal is assessed as a unique being and the body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management of daily health.

I will provide you an animal assessment form that you will complete and share all the great things about your animal(s) and also any challenges you are looking to eliminate or improve! You will provide a picture of your animal(s) or a short video highlighting any specific behavior you wish to share. We will then meet via a zoom call (typically 1 hour) for further discussion and details. I then research your needs and provide you a thorough educational report that provides the best homeopathic solutions for your consideration. MY GOAL is to provide you with education and support so that you can then support your animals on a daily basis live healthier and chemical free lives as much as possible!


I also provide follow-up educational sessions, workshops, on-site visits for assessments and training, continued educational support via our online subscription, blog and discussion boards. A full assessment for one animal is $150 and includes; the initial session (1 hour), related research, final report, support and a follow-up session (30 mins)


Please contact me at or 781.258.0618 (text or call) to schedule an appointment or to discuss multiple animal appointments and other services mentioned. I also perform assessments for plants and crops so consider learning how Homeopathy can help for both! Thank you and look forward to working with you.

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