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Chelsea Gage

Chelsea is the owner/founder of Live Naturally Co., a plant-based skincare, haircare & soap company based out of Carver, Massachusetts.


She is passionate about herbalism, herbology and the importance plants have in our everyday lives. From her home apothecary to her botanically infused products, Chelsea truly believes plants have the power to heal and remedy most of our everyday conditions, whether it be dry skin and scalp or inflamed joints and muscles, there is most likely a plant that can provide you the benefits you need.


Outside of formulating and running her local handcrafted business and being a mother, she is also a natural living influencer and blogger who provides inspiration and guidance to the modern person looking to make simple healthy changes in their lives. She aspires to move people to live more natural lives through captive imagery and easy-to-understand concepts. While doing so, she promotes the need for sustainable practices and ways everyone can care for the earth and help reduce negative impacts overall.


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