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The Goal of the community is to provide education and support to people, animals and the environment.  We have combined our skills and passions in order to provide you with information that is geared towards use at home, allowing you to support your own health and the health of your family, plants and animals!

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We have created forums, multiple libraries, videos to provide you a trusted resource and daily support. We encourage posting of questions, discussion and research. We will check our forums daily and respond as quickly as possible. We text regularly with many of our clients, so this provides us a forum to discuss, learn, record and share with others and grow the community. We welcome private messages if you have something you don't want to share but don't be shy!

- Access to our remedy library for common remedies for the daily wellness of people and animals. 

- Access to our remedy library for the most common remedies for plants to prevent and fight pests, promote growth, improve soil and more. 


- Access to our seasonal food, herb and tea library and enjoy 20+ years of cooking experiences and simple, healthy and amazing personal recipes.



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