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Kristina White

Nature and Animals are the Best Medicine!!

I am a nature enthusiast, animal lover, and and trained in Classical Homeopathy.  I completed my education and certifications through; the New England School of Homeopathy, Amherst MA., Teleosis Homeopathic School, Newton MA., and the Academy of Homeopathic Education, New York.


Homeopathy for People, Pets, and Plants: Enhancing the Well-being of All 

My journey into the world of homeopathy began over 25 years ago, while working in the corporate sector within credit unions and banks. As the owner of Buckley Technology Group, MA, I delved into the realm of homeopathy in 2010 after witnessing its positive effects on myself and my family. Now a certified professional Homeopath (CCH), I work with individuals, animals, and plants, harnessing the power of a practice that has been in existence for over two centuries and is trusted by millions worldwide. 

My mission is to educate individuals and organizations on the advantages of natural health resources, emphasizing how these resources can benefit us in both professional settings and personal lives. By incorporating stress-reducing techniques, homeopathy, positive psychology, constructive thinking, The 4-Agreements principles, mindful food choices, and other natural remedies, our programs at Your Life and Land aim to assist clients in overcoming physical and emotional challenges. 

Through my dedication to animals and nature, I have explored how homeopathy can fortify resistance against diseases and pests in animals, plants, and agricultural produce. This practice, known as Agrohomeopathy, can be implemented in home gardens and on a larger scale in farms to benefit soil quality, reduce pesticide use, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, cut down pollution, bring about economic savings, and preserve natural ecosystems. 

Homeopathy stands out as an affordable, chemical-free, and potent resource for homes, pets, and agriculture, making a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Whether you are seeking private consultations at our Rochester, MA office or on-site visits to your business, farm, equestrian center, animal shelter, or home, I am here to offer education, consultations, and workshops to guide you on a path towards holistic well-being.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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