Save money, and time by learning the basics about the natural resources available to ALL of us day to day from a trusted resource! We have created this subscription to provide a place you can come for quick answers, research, discussion and education.  We are happy to meet with you privately also!


IS THIS Resource Right for you?


IF YOU.....


  • Run into minor bumps, bruises, sprains, aches, bites, burns, injuries, dilemmas or events and wish you had a natural option for yourself or others in your life.

  • Have a farm, animal rescue, or sanctuary and want to support your animals with natural resources.

  • Have a professional practice and want to learn more about remedies to compliment your work.

  • Are a farmer or gardener and don't want to use chemicals or herbicides on your plants and crops.

  • Have a remedy kit, want to use it, but forget what each remedy does.

  • Want to learn about these resources but don't know where to start or need a refresher.

  • Have researched remedies online but information is difficult to understand.

  • Have a question but don't have time for an appointment.

  • Want to share an experience or success story...


YOU have FOUND the right resource! You can support your own Life and Land and have support and community to assist you as you go!

Select your Subscription Option below: Both subscriptions include full access and the features below.

  • $15 per month OR...$155 for the year ($25 savings)

With the annual subscription, we have created an optional option to help support the animal rescues we currently provide education. Many of our subscribers are participants or supporters of these rescues and we appreciate what they do and their support of us!! 

"It Takes a Village"


Subscribe to our 1 Year plan for $155 and on checkout let us know from the list below if there is a rescue you wish to support with a $15 donation. We will deduct $15 from your purchase and send it along to our rescue friends.

Thank you!

Alix - Kris