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We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community... Thank you for the ongoing support of us and one another!

Our clients are people and also people's pets, herds, wildlife, crops, plants and more. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the community!

Sara-Jane, DC
Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach

Kris has done amazing work with myself as well as my now passed elderly beagle/ basset mix, Scout. Kris was able to recommend remedies for me to consider that improved Scout’s quality of life, his mobility, and ultimately gave him a little longer without pain, for which I am so grateful. Time is priceless and that is what Kris gave Scout and I. Additionally, our work together has been immensely helpful in managing my mental health, hypothyroidism, and allergies.


Marsha, MA
Yoga Instructor

I am So excited to know that we have EIH - Your Life and Land right in my neighborhood. In my anxiety and dissatisfaction with the “medical field” I feel a sense of relief. Thank you, Kristina, for taking time to chat with me and I look forward to spending more time being involved with Emerging in HEALTH


Erin, MA
Holistic Mom and Nature Enthusiast 

Kris has helped our whole family with holistic healing. She goes above and beyond in helping everyone and every animal around her. I just wanted to give her a little shout out and thank you!!

Phyllis, NH
Owner of Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue

I can't say enough about Kris's holistic expertise for both our animals and our staff at Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue. She is one my go to girls in times of trouble! We use homeopathy for travel stress, shock, trauma, behavioral challenges and everyday care. Our horses are very blessed with our professionals!


Gary, MA
Yoga Instructor

Emerging in Health looks at you completely. Thorough, passionate, not just throwing you a Remedy. They want you to be healthy , carrying that through out your life! Eventually not needing to come back for further treatments. My life has changed for the better!! Thank you.


Angie, NM
Grief Counselor, National Speaker

I cannot say enough about the brilliance of this beautiful and creative woman. Alix's talents compliment both her humble and quiet demeanor. Her attention to detail is as exquisite as the food she prepared for my group of 10. I highly recommend Alix for both small and large groups. I was looking for a really great cook to prepare not only delicious but nutritious and appealing meals for my wellness retreat conducted in the Bahamas in March 2018. She exceeded my expectations. From planning the menu to the cooking, and presentation, I am looking so forward to more opportunities to utilize her gift and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a chef who takes such pride in everything she does.


Wendy, MA
Addiction Counselor

Kris is passionate about her work and is always willing to offer help and advice. She has assisted clients of mine who have substance use disorders and even helped my dog with his allergies! It is amazing to see the holistic remedies at work and Kris really relates to people from all walks of life.


Erin, CO
Life Coach

Kris is a life saver! She opened my eyes to the benefits of using homeopathy as an alternative to western remedies. She is my go to with questions and always can direct me in the right direction. She introduced me to bioplasma, which I use for fatigue, headaches, and really just a general sense of well-being. It’s such a great coffee alternative! She also helped me heal a sore shoulder with miracle arnica. On top of her breadth of knowledge, she’s such a lovely person to be with. I would highly recommend her.


Alexis, MA

I highly recommend Alix and Kris! Their compassion and empathy for individuals combined with their passion and knowledge of homeopathy is amazing. I have been working with Alex regarding a severe skin disorder. The results are amazing and I truly thank her for this.

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