Lapis Lazuli

A stone of wisdom, intuition, & inner truth. Promotes psychic abilities. Stimulates the wearer’s desire for truth, knowledge,

Watermelon Tourmaline

Known as the gateway to the inner self. Connects heart chakra to physical & spiritual vibrations. Attracts love & resolves relationship issues. Inspires creativity. Makes room for better & more positive ways of thinking. Clears blockages in your chakras.


A stone of transformation & magic. Brings you closer to your dreams & destiny. Sharpens intuition. Stimulates imagination & relaxes overactive mind.

White Opal

Opal is a karmic stone, teaching what you put out comes back encourages actions that arise from your heart. Promotes a positive outlook, enhances cosmic consciousness & facilitates psychic & mystical visions. Clears unwanted emotional stresses.

Sea Urchin Fossil

Aligns you with the powers of the ocean while providing you stability, security & focus in times of personal change. Carrying this stone gives you a deep connection to the ebb & flow of energy as experienced through waters of the sea. Removes energy blockages to help you find balance & harmony.

Snow Quartz

Aids in calming & soothing the soul. Dispels negative thoughts & emotions. Allows for positivity to come to you. Brings good fortune. Helps to meditate with the divine feminine. Helps you let go of overwhelming responsibilities & limitations.


Stone of luck & action. Creates abundance & wealth. Protective, shielding stone. Used to overcome fatigue due to overwork.

Ruby Zoisite

A marriage of passion & patience. Aids in the communication of spirit guides. Helps you maintain your individuality while still being
part of the world. Helps you from over-reacting to difficult situations & eases mood swings.

White Banded Agate

A healing stone of calming, good luck, & wealth. Has a gentle energy that works on the subtle bodies & energies. Agates tend to go to work straight on the cause instead of the symptoms of an issue. Improves mental functions & clarity. Helps overcome negative emotions.

Fire Agate

Increases your zest for life, helping you feel good to be alive. Builds an impermeable shield that negative energy will deflect from you. Increases vitality & passion.


Decreases stress, anger, & jealousy. Stone of optimism. Symbol of purity & morality. Wards off fear & depression. Opens your heart to joy & new relationships.

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