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WELCOME, Your Life and Land has been created from the desire to share our knowledge and educate people on some of the very simple things we have around us and within us to find balance and health in our lives.


For us, that comes in the form of Local Healthy Food, Herbs, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Tea and Nature!


Most of the time, we have the tools to find balance and health in our lives. Sometimes we just need a reminder and a little daily support.​ Our goal is to provide you just that through our site!


Our education and resources are geared towards use at home, allowing you to support your own health and the health of your family, plants and animals! Speaking of animals, our subscription includes access to our self study videos and homeopathic library which is perfect if you are interested in supporting your pets, rescue, farm or sanctuary with homeopathy!


Subscribe today and enjoy Homeopathic resources for People, Pets and Plants, and our amazing recipes we have paired  with herbs, teas, Ayurveda, and are perfect for one or multiple people  "at your table." 

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We have created a special offer to help support the rescues we provide homeopathic education. Subscribe to our 1 Year plan for $155 and on checkout let us know the rescue you wish to support. We will make a $15 donation at your time of purchase!


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On the Go Knowledge Library & Forums

  • Forums and multiple homeopathic, herbal and recipe libraries to provide you a trusted educational resource and daily support.

  • Self-study videos on homeopathy to get you started.

  • Self-study videos on the homeopathic remedies in our library - Perfect if you have a homeopathic Travel Kit! Purchase at check out if you do not!

  • We encourage posting of questions, discussion and research.

  • We check our forums frequently and respond as quickly as possible.

  • We text regularly with many of our clients, so this provides us a forum to discuss, learn, record and share with others and grow the community.

  • We welcome private messages if you have something you don't want to share but don' be shy, share and get to know the community!

  • 10% DISCOUNT for private educational sessions and periodic Workshops! 


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  • You have unlimited access to library, audios, articles and more!

  • You will receive seasonal discounts and early enrollment on events.

  • You will receive early enrollment to our limited seasonal CSA's & products from our NEW GREENHOUSE where we grow those healthy herbs!


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We are committed to our community, appreciate your support and look forward to building the community with you! 

In Love and Gratitude,

Alix & Kris